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    Morari Bapu Ram Katha- "Katha is not a religious gathering; it is a conversation about life"-

    Morari Bapu is a worldwide spiritual leader who has gained millions of followers around the world. The Ramayana forms the basis of Bapu's recital where he encourages his listeners to be open-minded and open-hearted. The Meera team have another big event coming up, which will be a katha done in Poland next year. If you require more information please visit www.moraribapu.org.

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    Upcoming Events

    Meera catering takes great pride in taking part in their community and religious events. Between 12th – 20th August, Meera Catering will once again be catering at Wembley Arena for an event hosted by Rameshbai Oza, a spiritual reader. This is a open event where we expect a huge turnout from 3000-5000 people daily. In accordance with the westcombe group who are the key players in this event we are proud to once again cater for a wide community.

    In addition, in October 2018, Meera Catering will be serving food at Europe's biggest Navratri festival held at the grounds of SKLPC Community centre, Northolt. Here people from all around Europe come and enjoy a 10 day festival full of dancing, music and live band performances. This will be our Fourth time in a row, providing live cooking for this festival. We experienced one of the biggest turnouts last year with the numbers rising to 5000 people on the weekend. This year we expect numbers to grow even higher. To find out more information please visit www. sklpc.com.

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    One of our core values and principles within our business has been to help our upmost in charitable institutions and charity held events. Over the years we have contributed vastly towards charities where we have donated not only money but a wide palette of foods like Samosa’s, Spring Rolls, and Thali’s. We currently donated Samosa’s to ST Luke’s Hospice for their mid-night walk which is always a good turnout. This has been an ongoing donation over the years in which we look to carry on. Furthermore, other charities and institutions we work with are Lady Popat Foundation, Shiva Foundation, SKLPCC, Baladia Youth Club plus many more. Meera catering look to grow their donations further where we have started to contribute to Mela (Sai baba believers) where Thali’s are given to the poor every Tuesday. Evidently our aim is to live by our ethos "love all, serve all".

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    Taste of Kenya

    The Meera chefs have spent a significant amount of time researching and developing in Kenyan style foods. Examining key ingredients used in Kenyan cuisine we look to bring back original Kenyan flavours within our dishes. With new recipes and ingredients tested we are introducing various Kenyan dishes such as Chilli Garlic Chips (Dry/Saucy), Kamchubari chips, Exotica Chips, Schezuan Chips & Poussin Garlic Chips. Please see some images bellow or visit our home page.

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    Lunch time Thali at Meera Village only £6.99

    Meera Village now offers lunch time Thali's whether you want to sit in or order a take away. We also provide a lunch pack for those who wish to do a take away thali, making it easier for local office workers who have a taste bud for fresh Guajarati foods. Our lunch buffet consists of the following items

    1. Two Types of Shaak , 2. Dhaal or Khadi , 3. Rice, 4. One Farshan , 5. Puri or Bhatura , 6. Salad/Chutney/Pickle, 7.Pickle , 8. One sweet

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