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    Morari Bapu Ram Katha- "Katha is not a religious gathering; it is a conversation about life"-

    Morari Bapu is a worldwide spiritual leader who has gained millions of followers around the world. The Ramayana forms the basis of Bapu's recital where he encourages his listeners to be open-minded and open-hearted. If you require more information on how to attend please visit www.moraribapu.org.

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    Upcoming Events

    The Meera team have another big event coming up in August 2022, which will be a religious katha event held in at a private farm in London. The expected numbers are 8000 people daily where we will be cooking a full lunch and dinner for the duration of the 10 days. Please check our social media for more information.

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    One of our core values and principles within our business has been to help our upmost in charitable institutions and charity held events. Over the years we have contributed vastly towards charities where we have donated not only money but a wide palette of foods like Samosa’s, Spring Rolls, and Thali’s. We currently donated Samosa’s to ST Luke’s Hospice for their mid-night walk which is always a good turnout. This has been an ongoing donation over the years in which we look to carry on. Furthermore, other charities and institutions we work with are Lady Popat Foundation, Shiva Foundation, SKLPCC, Baladia Youth Club plus many more. Meera catering look to grow their donations further where we have started to contribute to Mela (Sai baba believers) where Thali’s are given to the poor every Tuesday. Evidently our aim is to live by our ethos "love all, serve all".

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    Meera's Xpress Northwood

    Visit our newly opened store located in Northwood, 7 Rowland Place, HA6 1AB and enjoy a modernised vibe with a dine-in experience, great food and a juice bar. We will also be serving morning breakfast on Sundays with live Jelabi and Ganthia. Check our social media channels to find out more.

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    Live Cooking Stations

    If you are looking to hold live cooking stations for private party events, Mendhi Nights, Corporate Events or any other occasion please get in touch with our team. We offer a range of station such as Live Jikko Pizza, Live Dosa Station, live Jelabi, & live Naan. We can offer the full package right to the clean up so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Contact rp@meeracaterers.com for more enquires.

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